power generation


sites across
the UK


of staff

At Viridis, we build state‑of‑the‑art,
flexible power stations.

Across the UK, our power plants help stabilise the National Grid, balancing the system on a second by second basis

About Viridis Power


Power Generation

Our distributed and flexible power generation balances the intermittency of renewable generation in the UK. Our ability to ramp-up to full generating capacity in minutes provides the National Grid with an essential, fast and flexible tool to balance the supply and demand across the power network. Viridis Power supports the growth in renewable power generation.

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Viridis Power has built an in-house commercial team which combines data science analytics with a real time trading function to dispatch our distributed power generating plant. We work closely with the National Grid to provide flexible generating capacity when it is most needed to balance the power system. We see the Commercial Team as an essential function to meet the constantly changing and dynamic power markets of the UK.

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Operations & Maintenance

Viridis Power has an in-house O&M function to help develop and operate our 15 power generation sites across the UK. Our engineers work closely with the original engine manufacturers to best manage Viridis’ fleet to maximise efficiency and availability through developing new maintenance regimes adopted for highly flexible operation.

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